College Graduate Employment Opportunities

College New Graduate Full Time Openings

  • Application Software Engineer
  • Digital Hardware Engineer
  • Digital Signal Processing Engineer
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • FPGA Engineer
  • RF Hardware Engineer
  • Test & Quality Assurance Engineer

Opportunities for Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree candidates

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

Company Overview

G3 Technologies, Inc. is a technology based company that develops innovative wireless products and solutions. G3Ti is looking for motivated new college graduates who thrive in a dynamic work culture. We offer a fast paced work environment with several office locations, competitive salary, and a comprehensive benefits package. G3Ti maintains significant expertise in RF Communications and Telecommunications, as well as System, Hardware and Software engineering, allowing it to provide unique solutions to our customer’s leading edge problems. Our products range from hand held to room size solutions with rapid development profiles that address real world problems.

Maryland Product Development Offices (Mt. Airy and Gaithersburg, MD)

Our Mt. Airy office is located in a beautiful historic town east of the city of Frederick, MD. The office is conveniently accessible from Interstate 70 between Frederick, MD and Baltimore, MD. The office is near many outdoor recreation facilities, modern amenities and shopping facilities, and is convenient to professional sports and entertainment venues.

A satellite office of the Mt. Airy, MD office, the Gaithersburg, MD office is located in Montgomery County, MD and is conveniently located between Frederick, MD and Washington DC accessible from Interstate 270. The office is near many diverse restaurants, entertainment venues and convenient to the Washington DC Metro System.

Both offices are focused on research and product development, performing engineering risk reduction to determine technology viability and maturing concepts to complete finished products. Our products consist of custom hardware design integrated with off the shelf hardware enabled by embedded and application software. We develop products using Linux and Windows operating systems. Our Mt. Airy, MD office contains a production facility allowing engineers to oversee their products through the manufacturing process allowing detailed visibility and experience with the full product delivery cycle.

Additional G3 development offices are located in Ashburn, VA and New Providence, NJ. Administrative and customer support offices are located in Columbia, MD, Chantilly, VA and Virginia Beach, VA.

Depth and Breadth of Technology Experience

Our engineers innovate to solve a wide variety of complex problems. Engineers on our team utilize the skills and knowledge they have gained through academic course work, projects and internships/co-op experiences. Senior engineers provide mentoring and guidance allowing new engineers to further develop their skills. Engineers work on small teams allowing them to gain experience in system integration and familiarity with new technologies. Our passion is developing great products that solve real world needs and working together as a team to succeed in that goal.

Application Software Engineer

Develop web based applications and OS native applications including graphical user interfaces, back end business logic processing designed for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Innovate with new technologies, new ways of visualizing data and implementations that minimize memory and CPU utilization requirements. Participate in all aspects of product design from concept through system design, component testing, system testing and product production and delivery.

Digital Hardware Engineer

Digital hardware engineers design and develop digital control circuitry utilizing digital hardware components. They typically incorporate FPGA components and CPUs in their digital hardware designs to solve signal processing, data management and data movement problems. They perform circuit design, circuit analysis, schematic generation, oversee board layout and circuit board manufacturing, perform system integration and test. They work closely with hardware, software and system engineers through the design process.

Digital Signal Processing Engineer

Digital signal processing engineers provide system level design and detailed implementation of signal processing essential to modern communication standards. They utilize tools such as MATLAB®, python and other software tool sets to prototype signal processing algorithms, operating off of simulated and real-world data sets. They utilize software tools and/or FPGA design tools to implement signal processing algorithms and participate in system design and testing through product delivery.

Embedded Software Engineer

Embedded software engineers work closely with hardware engineers to implement command, control and application logic enabling hardware platforms to solve mission problems. They have experience designing and implementing protocol processing algorithms for modern communication systems. They understand signal processing concepts to implement signal processing algorithms. They are skilled with integration and test and collaborate with a team to build a product.

FPGA Engineer

FPGA engineers work closely with embedded software engineers and hardware engineers to architect, implement and integrate digital logic, data routing and signal processing algorithms in field programmable gate array (FPGA) logic devices. They utilize modern simulation and design tools to express algorithms in a logic efficient manner. They are able to transcend engineering boundaries to address system level issues. FPGA engineers use state of the art high gate count logic devices.

RF Hardware Engineer

Analog Hardware Engineers perform original RF and Microwave Tuner design for applications requiring broadband frequency coverage (20 MHz to 18 GHz). They have hands-on technical expertise in the design and development of complex RF/Microwave products from an engineering concept into a finished product. They perform circuit design, circuit analysis, schematic generation, oversee board layout and circuit board manufacturing, perform system integration and test. They work closely with hardware, software and system engineers through the design process.

Test and Quality Assurance Engineer

Test and Quality Assurance Engineers ensure that component level and system level requirements are satisfied. They apply creative problem solving skills to develop and execute test strategies that leverage test scripts, test cases and test tools. They develop test tools to stress various hardware and software components. They understand the expected system level operation of the hardware/software product and its applications and utilize that knowledge to ensure a quality product delivery.

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