The VIRTUOSO SG1550 Multi-Source / Multi-Protocol Tactical Situational Awareness Kit (TSAK) is a modular system with a powerful collection of advanced processing components and sophisticated software that combine to comprehensively monitor the local 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless networks. 5G support coming in 2024.

This modular system features a SG1550 Receiver, key solving capability, a Network Characterization tool as well as our industry leading tactical analysis software. Once configured, the SG1550 vigilantly monitors, processes, organizes and stores the data of the local area. The SG1550 contains many powerful capabilities and innovations in an easy to set up package.

The SG1550 Receiver serves as the strictly passive receiver and is responsible for the survey and tuning of channels. The receiver houses all of the data until retrieved by the analytics. The receiver has 8TB of storage and provides coverage from 30MHz to 6GHz with 8 x 40MHz tuners. Wireless technologies include GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE (5G in 2024)

The SG50x Analytics Processor delivers a powerful suite of analytics tools in a stand-alone laptop or ruggedized enclosure. The web-based GUI can be accessed by multiple users from any web enabled device. The SG50x can be used simultaneously with multiple receivers in real time and can ingest post mission data collection for analysis.

The Polly Key Solver (either GSM or DMR) is designed to be used in tandem with an SG50x Analytics Processor and SG1550 Receiver, with real-time or post-process data. Small size and low power allow the Polly Key Solver to be used in any mission scenario including small team, untethered operations.

The Network Characterization tool comprises 2G/3G/4G (5G coming 2024) cellular network characterization and Non-Alerting Handset Stimulation tool that can measure multiple MNO’s and RAT’s simultaneously.


SG1550 Technical Datasheet
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