Cellular Network Traffic Generation

G3T provides custom solutions for wireless protocol air interface load generation. G3T’s PACER P100 provides network operators, test system managers and trainers a realistic and repeatable method of generating live traffic on wireless networks via the air interface.

G3T’s P100 is an Android based application running on a commercial Ue device that allows users to create and execute scripted scenarios to generate network traffic in a repeatable manner. G3T’s P100 application allows load generation on an Android utilizing many enhanced Android functionalities to optimize user control. P100’s easy-to-use applications support a variety of GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE network testing and training scenarios configurable both locally and remotely.

P100’s schedule can include individual or mixed schedules of calls, SMS, MMS, HTTP traffic or android functionality and can be repeated based on a preconfigured value. The simple integration into the G3T’s S100 Controller’s multi-faceted functionality allows hundreds of P100’s to be remotely controlled from a single application. For complex system scenarios, a combination of Ue’s can be used to allow traffic to be generated on the network for each radio access technology in the appropriate bands for that network.

G3T also offers a concentrated load generation. The concentrated node houses ten (10) P100 devices in an environmental enclosure that provides cooling and power to the devices.

The S100 Test Network Support Platform is a system that allows operators to configure and control hundreds of P100 devices from a single application (P100 Controller). The S100 system is comprised of the S100 laptop and a WiFi access point to work in conjunction with a set of Android devices running the P100 application. The P100 is a device that connects to the network and allows users to create and execute scheduled calls, SMSs and data sessions across the network to create traffic on the network in a repeatable manner. The P100 controller application allows operators to script scenarios, save and recall scenarios, download scenarios to the P100 and control the scenarios.

The S100 system comes with a 3rd party commercial SIM commissioning tool pre-installed along with the necessary accessories to program SIM cards. This enables users to program and create SIMs for P100 phones and or other devices that support UICC SIMS for 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies (USIM, CSIM, ISIM, RUIM, etc.) to allow them to work on the Pacer networks.

Please contact G3T to discuss your specific application and its requirements.