G3T’s wireless solutions are readily customizable to meet customer requirements and evolving wireless technologies. Our systems are scalable and adaptable to provide solutions to a vast array of wireless technology applications including private cellular network solutions, air interface, load testing, and defense and intelligence.


  • Scalable from small simple single cell, single technology, single band networks to large complex multi-cell, multi-sector, multi-band, multi-technology networks
  • Current Radio Access Technologies (RATs):
    • GSM/GPRS/EDGE (2G)
    • CDMA2000, EVDO, 1xRTT (2.5G)
    • LTE FDD , LTE TDD (4G)
    • 5G FR1, FR2
    • WiFi
  • Full interoperability (cell selections, handovers, calls and connections)
    • Inter-RAT (interoperability between technologies)
    • Intra-RAT (interoperability between cells and sectors of the same technology including hyper-band)
  • Ideally suited for Test Network Operations, training ranges or any environment that requires simulation of real world cellular networks.

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The combination of G3T’s Pacer P100 phones and S100 Controller offers a powerful, robust, scalable Cellular Traffic Generation Solution for most commercially deployed technologies (GSM / GPRS / EDGE, CDMA / EVDO, WCDMA / UMTS / HSPA, LTE FDD, LTE TDD, and 5G) and bands.

Pacer P100
  • Cellular traffic generating phone
  • Android phone based application
  • Scripted scenarios to automatically create network traffic
    • Calls
    • SMS messaging
    • Data sessions
  • Automatically time stamps and logs all transactions with networks
  • Pair devices – Call & send messages to each other
  • Create unique Wav file to play as source for calls
Pacer S100 Laptop
  • The S100 controller host G3T’s P100 Controller application which allows users to remotely configure, manage and operate hundreds of P100 phones from a single application
    • Define unique configuration files (events/schedule) for each P100 Phone
    • Upload configuration files to each phone via WiFi
    • Define scenarios (groups of phone configurations) that can be saved and reused
    • Retrieve log/event logs from each phone
    • Remote control and status for P100 phones
  • The S100 controller also contains a 3rd party commercial SIM commissioning tool which enables users to program and create SIMs for P100 Phones and or other devices that support UICC SIMS for 2G,3G,4G and 5G technologies (USIM,CSIM,ISIM, RUIM etc.)

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G3T’s consulting capabilities include:

  • Wireless Surveys
  • RF network design
  • Custom installation
  • Cellular Subject Matter Experts
  • Training
  • Operational Support

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G3T provides wireless solutions for U.S. military, the Department of Defense and many government agencies. We design and deploy customized wireless networks meeting rigorous customer requirements. Our wireless solutions help defense and intelligence, law enforcement and public safety officials meet their mission-critical objectives…

Please contact G3T for more information about our Defense and Intelligence Solutions.


G3T provides many force protection products for Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement entities aimed at mitigating the dangers inherent to the important work that Law Enforcement personnel are engaged in daily. Our solutions ensure they are able to safely conduct technical investigations while maximizing awareness of the signal environment.

Please contact G3T for more information about our Law Enforcement Solutions.