Tetley PileDriver


Tetley PileDriver is an extremely low SWaP, autonomous WIFI & Bluetooth survey, collection, & correlation system that can be employed in multiple scenarios. It fits easily into a backpack or large cargo pocket and can be used as a light weight payload on drones. Tetley PileDriver can collect and correlate dual band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth® Classic, and Bluetooth® Low Energy devices as well as Hotspot2.0 identifiers and export them for seamless use with existing mapping and analysis tools. Supports import of files for correlation. Tetley PileDriver collects packets and puts them into a database for packet analysis to be used in situational awareness scenarios. Allows the user to establish a baseline signature management profile.

Tetley PileDriver can deliver correlated device ID’s to a single device by looking at Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi MAC addresses and matching them to one device make, model, UUID, and OUI (vendor ID). If the device ID is unknown but there is a known pattern of life for at least 2 locations, Tetley PileDriver can determine the device identity and provide notifications to the user when that ID is detected in subsequent collections. Tetley PileDriver can be configured to run at pre-configured time intervals and provide the user with notifications in the event a unique device ID appears at each location with the user while filtering out known white-listed devices. Tetley PileDriver supports remote connectivity for leave behind capability.


Tetley PileDriver Technical Datasheet
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